Breaking down inflation

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has just published its latest bulletin on inflation.  There are a number of different inflation measures included – RPI, CPI and CPIH – but the overall conclusion is that inflation is slowly rising after a reduction at the start of the year.  The rate remains over 2%, which means the Bank of England must continue to plan on how to set its policy to reduce the figure, but since it has been over 2% since January 2017, and the main driver is Brexit, it’s unlikely the government is going to be too strict about this.

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12 million Turks are not planning on moving to the UK

Part of a series looking at the spin behind a Daily Express article – see this post for details.

Now that we have established that Turkey is not about to join the EU, and even with the visa-free travel scheme which might be implemented for the Schengen Area, Turkish citizens are not allowed to move to the UK, it might seem a little pointless examining the Daily Express’s claims and survey findings.  However, comparing the newspaper article to the actual survey that was commissioned is a useful exercise in showing how statistics can be misleading and how, very often, journalists don’t understand the numbers they are reporting on.

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