About economic-truth

economic-truth was founded in 2000 as a repository for notes and essays from my studies.  Over the years it has increased its content to include essays from a few other university students, as well as notes from CIMA studies.

economic-truth is against student cheating and is registered with anti-plagiarism databases worldwide.  It exists to inform your essays, not to write them for you.

economic-truth has progressed from raw HTML to CSS to its new form incorporating blog entries.  Over time, it is planned that existing notes will be moved to pages within the site where it is practical to do so.  However a number of pages will remain as PDF files, for which you will need a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

economic-truth is not the truth, it’s just being economical with it.

All articles on this site are copyright their original authors. In most cases, the author is stated on the document, but where the author is unclear, copyright rests with the site owner.  You may not pass any article or part of article off as your own work, but you may freely distribute any article in its original form.  Articles may be distributed in electronic or paper format, provided no alteration is made to them. You are welcome to quote from articles, but such quotes must be properly labelled and cited.

If you believe economic-truth to have breached your copyright or any other rights, please contact us by email to tim@economic-truth.co.uk. Any infringement will be reviewed as soon as possible.