New site live

After transferring content across, the old site has been switched to the new – sorry to anyone looking for purple and orange colour schemes!

You will notice a new focus for economic-truth, with blog posts accompanying the academic content that the site carried before.  These posts will look at various issues with an economic focus; please let us know if there’s anything you want to be covered.

CIMA law notes

During the move to the new site, it is intended that the notes for CIMA Business Law will be input directly to the site rather than being held on a PDF.  A benefit of this will be that this will enable discussion around the contents of the page, and if anything needs clarification it can be easily reworded.

Why isn’t this happening to the rest of the notes?  Common attributes of economists are their love of drawing graphs and their use of equations, which don’t easily translate to website content.  Never say never, though.


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